Another Innovative Product From The Originators of Plastic Snow Guards

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The makers of Snojax have come up with the perfect solution by designing a new, revolutionary “patent pending” product call SnowBreaker.  As the snow and ice slides on the roof, this cost effective product minimizes the danger by slicing the frozen precipitation into small pieces so it can safely come off the roof.  The forward cutting edge and the tucked back rear support form a triangular shape that acts like a “fin” to split up the frozen precipitation.  This idea is contrary to the conventional snow retention systems of today that are designed to hold snow and ice on the roof, usually by creating a holding field with a staggered pattern.  Our new product design allows the snow and ice to slowly shed itself from the panel while the guard slices it into safer, smaller pieces before reaching the roof’s edge.  This can be most beneficial in areas where winter weather conditions can sometimes exceed the roof snow load design.


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SnowBreaker 3M

The SnowBreaker 3M - Peel and Stick, uses pre-attached 3M brand adhesive tape. The cutting edge design reduces significant sheer load so it is an ideal peel and stick solution for year round winter time installation. Aesthetically, the SnowBreaker is pleasing to the eye, very easy to install and is very effective in preventing damage caused by the sudden release of snow and ice, all without worries of overloading your roof. No other snow guard can make this claim!

Purchase includes adequate SureBond SB-190 to apply a bead of adhesive around the entire perimeter of the SnowBreaker.


Snow Guards for Metal Roofs and Snow Retention


Plastic Snow Guards are brackets that help to stop the common problem of snow and ice slides. This dangerous problem happens when ice clumps together and eventually falls off a roof. Plastic Snow Guards solve this issue by forming a barrier for the ice to hold to. The ice then eventually melts away, instead of sliding off. Our Plastic Snow Guards are the clear choice, they are incredibly strong, surprisingly cost effective, and beautifully designed, making any rooftop safer with confidence.

The best alternative to clear pad style snow retention incorporates rails or bars that are installed the entire length of the eave. These systems can be installed year round and feature sturdy construction, color-match paint, stainless steel seam clamps or U-Bracket mounting. Ice-Stoppers prevent snow and ice from sliding under the rail.

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